Airports  15.09.16

Phew what a fiasco!

It was thirty two degrees yesterday i hear people complain, good job i stayed indoors. I think it is approaching that in this aeroplane now with half an hour before take off.
So i caught my train, due to arrive at the airport two hours before my flight. Nope, it went straight past the airport, apparently there was a traffic jam so they made us go past. We alighted and waited for a train to go back. The first train stopped but nobody was allowed to board. Fiftenn minutes after arrival we caught a train to return to the airport and ever since then ive been walking. 
The train dropped everyone at point x from where you must read boards to find out which terminal you will be flying from. Great, the furthest, so across the tarmac we go for fifteen to twenty minutes. Already checked in i was saved horrendous queues for selfcheck in machines that were mal functioning. I went straight to baggage drop and through security but oh so slow and such hold up simply because there were insufficient trays for peoples belongings despite piles of trays sitting at unused desks.
Forget easyjets forty min bag drop and thirty min boarding gate, you’d never make one from the other! Apart from anything else such as passport control, they inform you that its a 13 minute walk once youve got through. I picked up a coffee on the way, got to the gates and sat for five minutes before being more or less the last to board. Crazy. Good job i gave it the two hours.

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