Balls up!

Balls up! 28.07.16

Oh my goodness! I return from Torshavns national day celebrations to find two guests still here. They say they are staying tonight as well. I ask if i can get them anything but they decline. A middle aged man and his mother. Somehow they dont quite fit in.

Breakfast this morning was a do it yourself affair, i treated them as the other wedding guests, very independent, dont give them any extras, they are on a cheap deal, breakfast is a do it yourself affair, put the stuff on the kitchen table, let them get on with it. Sitting talking for the last hour, it turns out they are not part of the wedding party but a couple from Torshavn here for a weeks holiday! Ohmylordy!!
And as im thinking back, i realise they came straggling down as i was fretting, wanting to leave. I remember their confusion about having to boil a kettle for themsleves and wondering where they should sit. I was ready to walk out the door. Two guests i was told would be having breakfast, just two guests, but ive been making coffee and getting extra food out since 9.15. Im not best pleased that two has become sixteen.
Oh my lordy these must have been the two who had booked breakfast at ten, full paying guests, and they got the poorest treatment of the lot. What a way to do business,  she stuffed up there. And our conversations this evening have not been ones i would have had if id known they were full paying guests, not friends from the wedding. No wonder they didnt quite seem to fit in. I cant apologize to them enough, it is very clear that an apology was needed but also clear that miscommunicstion from above was the cause. But why, if you have full paying guests would you not make your staff aware, and why say breakfast will be a do it yourself affair?
Theyve complained tonight that their radiator doesnt work, the bathroom shower is back flooding the hall again, the light in the bathroom doesnt work, the wedding was very noisy and service at breakfast was non existant. Hey ho! Nothing like getting a good reputation with the locals!

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