Flying Free

Thursday 19.10.17

It is done. I no longer have work commitments here in Orkney. I feel little, work had not, as yet, become consequential to my life. It was more frustration than reward although i do remember the first day and an exhilaration of feeling something outside of me, something needing something from me intellectually, a challenge for my brain. I just need to locate a brain challenge, absorption, for myself but outside of myself.

Saturday 21.10.17

I have homework. I have joined Elwick Bookwrights, a writers group that focusses on technique. This is a beginning. My homework is to take Orcadian place names that I like the sound of and simply string them together. Im working on Orcadian rhythms of a different nature.

Coincidentally, the group’s next session is a life writing workshop with Amy Liptrot, an author some of you will know and who, in part, may be a little responsible for me being here. It was some time after reading her book for the first time that I saw the job in Orkney being advertised. I think I was half way through my second reading when i applied for it, Orkney being more than just a name for me by that time. I look forward to this opportunity to meet her.

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