Leaving Aarhus

Leaving Aarhus 25.08.16

I allow myself fifty minutes for a twenty minute, generally up hill walk, and purchase of tickets. My excitement of city shopping means i am carrying couscous, carrots, cauliflower, cucumber, french beans, fresh ginger, bread, cheese, butter as well as my staples of stock cubes, coffee and curry powder. Folly but the island im going to will have limited choice. I just need a tin of tomatoes and milk and am set for three days veggie curry.

The sweat soon dribbles from my face, it is twenty five degrees, my pack is heavy and my daysack carries lunch and water for a four hour journey. The wall i planned to sit on to rest towards the top of the hill is in full sun, i press on. The shady leafy park i planned to cut across is blocked in readiness for this weekends festival, i walk around the busy road, my clothes are wet, clinging to me, sweat dribbles down my back but i am pleased to be on the move.
My ‘review’ from my gay artist host in Skagen arrived this morning, i thought i displeased him with my uncouth ways but he says Tina is a delightful guest. Independant, with a wonderful attitude, and thoughtful of her surroundings. Leaves her room neat and clean. We do hope to be able to welcome her back.” Funny how we can never tell what others think of us. 

Oh the luxury of Danish trains. Platforms are simple, boards easy to read and with twenty five minutes to wait, i already sit in what could easily be first class seats in a spacious air conditioned carriage, maybe Jeremy Corbyn might like to visit. As we leave thentrain is till nearly empty.

I have missed recording my time in Aarhus. I enjoyed the buzz for the first day and a half, the art museum was a gem but it held little more otherwise for me than the recycled jeans rugs i fell in love with. Ive been meaning to buy myself a nice rug for years and this is so very very me. Frustrated notto be  able to get it shipped by the shop, ive wasted many hours trying to organise something but have left without buying one.

Aarhus, a gentle mixture of old and new buildings. Preparing for city of culture 2017, building noise and dust is everywhere.  
I went on a guided walk yesterday, expected a group of people but found just one chinese guide and myself. She knew her stuff i thought initially but it was so very very intense. It seems she had only her rehearsed script tho and did not seem to have had enquiries of her own. Noting the recreation of early viking settlements i asked whether the romans were ever here as thought there were similarities in the straightness of the roads, the linear towns and the adaption of viking mythology into the christianity that replaced it. No she said, there were no peoples here at the time of the roman empire. Really, i thought? Thats the only question i remember now but two other times i asked questions and she said i have never wondered about that. I left before the end.

I loved watching the rainbow sky walk from our flat. Being inside it was mesmerising, the light changed my mood as i walked around, it was a beautiful space of light and colour.

 I have no mood for writing now. If the Faroes were grey, Denmark is rainbows. I am moving on. Back to the sea

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