Not my best choice!

Not my best choice!  25.08.16

is a fucking nutter! I might walk away tomorrow having paid three days money.

Over friendly arrogant sod pontificates all evening. Arsehole thinks he knows better than anyone about EVERYTHING. Hates the EU. Doesnt like anyone else to have opinions or anything to say. And he keeps touching me!

Scrounger. Kept on and on hinting about my vegetable curry i was cooking for three nights meals and how he has no food and doesnt know what to eat until i finally say help yourself if you want some. I go to sit outside and he joins me and continues on and on and on.

I was planning to visit Sylt tomorrow but discover its german owned and whereas bikes here generally cost a quarter of my fare on a ferry, here they are double fare, trying to encourage you to rent one once there. I don’t want to go there now, dont want to be here. Dont want to feel this way. He is a loopy nutter. Hey ho, i knew he was! You gotta laugh!

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