Packing 25.06.16 

ok, so i packed. lightly. my aim was to have the top portion of my backpack empty and i did it. i remember earlier heavy packs and how hard it was to throw possessions away, i didnt want to do that again. 

i then spent quite a bit of time watching youtube films and clips of the faroes….. in summer….. hmmm. 

i now have another pile ready to pack…..waterproof trousers, boots, thick socks, another fleece… maybe the swimming kit will have to be discarded tomorrow…. and more…..

camera or no camera? i have iphone and ipad but phone battery dies quickly and will i carry ipad around? probably not. too many electrical plugs and adaptors just feels tiresome though.

2 thoughts on “Packing”

  1. i know!! but sea temperature 8 degrees, no one to swim with debbie, no room for tow float? i can swim in my running shorts if i find someone…. ill see how room goes

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