Room 2 Haveneby Kro

Room 2 Haveneby Kro  26.08.16

Yep, ive jumped ship. More than that i have a full refund from Airbnb. I have a balcony with a seaview in my eighty pounds a night room but it had to be done. I started by lodging a discomfort notice with airbnb last night.

I havent mentioned the bikes have i. Bike number one, yesterdays rust bucket little number with gears that jump and handle bars not centred so steering straight is difficult. I said, ill take a different one tomorrow. I think thats when he first got the hump with me, didnt like his bike being frowned on.
Bike number two appears ok this morning, im motoring nicely along but when i need to change down a gear, nope i cant do so, im stuck in top gear. Anticipating over 30k of mostly gravel and sandy tracks i headed back. Ah, he said, yes it sometimes does that, fiddled with a tensioning knob for ten minutes, got it working again, said thats what you need to do. Hesitantly i suggested i might try the third bike, he says no, its too big.
Bike number three, a mans bike, yes, a bit on the large side, especially stand over height, but i can ride it, mostly functioning gears except theres no functional big ring, handlebars not quite securely fixed but definitely the best of the three. I think its probably his bike.
This is a small island, full of germans and my destination of the town of Lakolk is actually acres of german campervans and caravans. A bit like butlins on wheels with parades of tacky shops, hotdogs and ice creams. I dont even bother to go find the beach, itll be like yesterdays, miles and miles of hard sand and two kilometres to walk to reach the sea for a paddle. I spend most of the day instead, searching for viewing points to sit and while away the time, such as are marked on the map in woodland and heathland areas and overlooking salt marsh.

I conclude that Denmark scenary here is rather dull and becomes monotonous after a while. I dont have much luck with my benches, they just don’t seem to be there! I wonder what else they might mean, perhaps its a good place to take your camping stool? I find benches that are not marked but mostly sitting by the road side with no apparent view. I become more diligent and finally find one and sit to admire the salt marsh from a distance!

i decide that maybe a trip to Germany on the ferry might not be such a bad idea after all for tomorrow. It will be in direct contrast to today, Sylt being the luxury, rich person and celebrities island and will keep me safely away from Benny. I hadnt realised until earlier how close i am to the german border. I could even go to Hamburgh for the day.
I tell Benny when i get back that i wont be hiring his bike after all for day three. He is not a happy bunny, starts going on about loosing money and i say if the bikes worked well maybe i woukd be hiring one. Then he starts on about breaking agreements so i say, rather sharply, ok ill pay you regardless, i dont need arguments. No, no, no he says, no arguments, i just want you to know how it is so there wont be any surprises later on. No surprises later on? I dont ask but take this as sounding mildly threatening in light of the personal review and deposit systems in place with airbnb. With this veiled threat, i find myself taking photos of my dirty room to use as evidence when he lodges a complaint claiming my deposit and i then think this is just daft and delete half of them again. At least the toilet isnt overflowing this evening.
I go to make a coffee to calm down and find that my coffee has disappeared, i ask about it, he has taken it he says, am i sure it is mine? He thought it belonged to the last guests! It took me less than five minutes to jump back on the bike and head for the hotel.  
From a hotel room i message airbnb to say im checking out, please cancel my reservation and then return to collect my things. I make one trip on the bike with my daysack carrying as much as it can and on second trip i will tell him im leaving, collect my backpack and walk away.
I start to say im sorry we seem to have a personality clash, its not working is it, but he tells me its all me, that i am very odd, that there is something wrong with me. No need for pretend politeness anymore, i hand him the keys, tell him ive made alternative arrangements and have cancelled the booking. I pick up my pack and walk out with him following me, ranting, dont expect to get any money back, you cant do this, then jibing about how peculiar i am. For a moment i think he is going to follow me all the way up the road, but like a barking dog, he stops at the end of his property. 
I breathe a sigh of relief and walk to freedom. 
Once fully installed in my room, i ring airbnb who listen, note my concerns and then surprisingly offer me a full refund. I thought they would keep the first nights money. I do feel a bit sorry for him, i think he has mental health issues but his complaining over an extra fiver for a malfunctioning bike has cost him sixty six quid. Heres just one pic, theres more, of spiders, leaves, general fluff and plastic tags
Oh ok, heres another

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