It was google that led me to taking this placement. I was searching for a situation in the Hebrides when google popped up Faroe. i thought where are the Faroe Islands and checked it out. So here I am, preparing to embark.

Magenta Guest House
Here is a link for the website and facebook page of the guest house ill be working at

Guest House I’m working at                                                                   FB site for guest house

The world of workaway/helpx/woofing is always uncertain. We go into someone else’s home and exchange labour for board and lodgings. The general expectation is 4-5 hours work a day, 5 days a week but this can vary enormously.

The best approach I’ve found is to expect nothing and to carry a credit card in case of the need to beat hasty retreat! First meetings are always a bit of an unknown for host and guest alike.

Tasks for my time away are unclear, mostly as a result of the fact I’m going to a guesthouse without guests! I understnd I will be doing cleaning, painting and the odd bit of repair work.

I understand that I can offer special prices, any one up for a visit??  the site through which i found my placement

Opportunities are endless, choose where you want to go or what sort of activity you want to engage in. Like most things it takes a bit of persistence to get suitable placements but theres always plenty on offer.