Highs and lows so far

Highs and lows so far 30.06


I love writing.
I love my iPad and my coat, my two pressies to myself
I no longer care about the font or that the text is sometimes bold sometimes not
I’m flattered so many of you are reading
I’m taking advantage of the chaos by drinking uncounted beer stocks
So far I’ve spent precisely my taxi fare to get here from the airport
I’ve learned how potatoes are grown ( but seem to be posting from web not ap so can’t add pic grr)
I understand some cottage farming practices
I’ve seen rowing practice
I’ve found water I might swim in
I’ve said no
I’ve had a 10min easy conversation with my host when we actually both had some down time!
My host says there’s zillions of workawayers who want to come so I won’t feel bad when I go
Ohmygod there’s actually a sunset at 11.30! Oh crumbs I wonder if that means it actually goes down?
Apparently there’s a secondhand shop here and they might find me a bicycle
Being flexible and able to hang in here to see what happens
Enjoying the risk taking and all the happen chance stuff that accompanies it
I’ve met the authors and discovered Another Escape magazine
My knee survived two falls today!
I keep remembering other travels and making comparisons
I’ve now worked 28 hours in my first week and established a strong bargaining position
Hitching works
There’s a bus goes through each way every hour

The lows
Being tired in the first few days
Being on the blinkin main road
Not having a firm agreement about hours with my host
Getting my clothing choices wrong
Not going running cos I’m working at 7am every day
I’ve just missed the 5 min sunset typing this but it’s just as light as before it
I’m spending too much time writing not reading and researching
I know more about football than I did

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