Interim 29.10.17

I feel devoid of words. From an emptiness on an island I am now sitting on a couch in a house with three children, three other adults and at least three cats. It is as though my brain has closed down and has nothing to say. I am accepting kind hospitality from lovely people but I cannot write.

I have had a most awesome two days. I attended a fabulous story telling event two nights ago. Yesterday, I laughed with a freedom I rarely find, giggling trying to help Kat put on a torn rain poncho in a howling gale until we both gave up, our laughing not helping. I am sitting in a room quite alone, but for now, though, I think I cannot write.

It is now four am and I’ve given up on sleeping. Today I will move into my new home. Still I find no words to say perhaps they will return when I am alone once more.

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